Carribean Stud

How do I play Online Caribbean Stud?

It's not difficult to learn how to play caribbean stud poker. As we said earlier, if you’re confident about your dealt hand, raise by doubling your ante. If you’re not feeling too good about your hand, just fold and forfeit your ante. To win, you are simply required to reveal a hand stronger than the dealer’s. But the dealer must qualify to play in the first place and to do this, he must hold an Ace and a King. If he doesn’t, you win at a ratio of 1:1 to your ante, but your raise is pushed back. If the dealer qualifies to play and is beaten, you are paid 1:1 on your ante and a ratio determined by the quality of your hand on your raise. If the dealer wins, you lose both your ante and your raise. The rules to Online Caribbean Stud are quite straightforward, but it is always recommendable to carefully study the rules to any casino game you play. Take a good look at our Caribbean Stud Rules for more in-depth information regarding the game, including gameplay instructions, hand rankings, pay-out ratios and how to win progressive jackpots.

Online Caribbean Stud Strategy

It is always smart to play a casino game with a sound strategy in mind; doing otherwise is rarely profitable and almost always leads to an augmented house edge. Yes, you’ve only got one decision to make when playing Online Caribbean Stud and that is whether to fold your hand or not. But when is it a good idea to fold? When should you choose to raise and continue? And what of the side bet that’s got to do with the progressive jackpot win? Have a look at our Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy page to obtain answers to all of these questions. You may also learn something about the game’s history as well as the house edge associated with Caribbean Stud Poker there too. Some players like to harp on about using complex probability charts to reduce the relatively high house edge typically associated with Caribbean Stud Poker. Remember however, that basic strategies are very easy to learn and are most of the time, just as effective.

Caribbean Stud History

It was first played in Aruba and on cruise ships circling the Caribbean islands. The game was clearly invented with profit in mind, since it has a rather hefty house edge. That said, the game quickly became popular, possibly thanks to the simple rules and the similarities with poker. Other than sharing the five-card hand and same hand ranking as most poker games, the game itself is not really a true poker variation, but more of a blend of poker and casino blackjack thanks to the fact that you play against the dealer instead of other players and there is no bluffing involved. With the popularity of the game growing, it was soon adopted by Las Vegas casinos. Thanks to the large house advantage, Caribbean Stud did not have a huge following when it was first introduced, this led to some casinos adding a progressive jackpot with an optional side bet in an effort to attract more players to the game. This version was more widely accepted and has become extremely popular.