Video Poker

Why play Online Video Poker?

Playing Video Poker at a land-based casino can be fun and exciting. But it was with the introduction of online gaming that the game’s popularity flared. What makes playing online so popular with gamers? Firstly, there’s accessibility. There’s no need to travel anywhere to play a hand if you’re playing online; no need to drive, walk, fly or commute when playing from your couch, desk, bed or car. And when playing on a mobile device, there’s no need to stay put either. All you need is an internet connection and it need not be an exceedingly fast one at that.

Secondly, there’s the opportunity for players who don’t want to stake their life savings to enjoy a few hands. Playing online enables you to sit at tables with minimum bets as low as a single cent. In fact, newbies have the opportunity to learn how to play the game for free when playing online. We offer our readers this opportunity. All you have to do is visit our Free Video Poker page and start learning as you play.

Thirdly, there’s the wide selection of Video Poker games available online; all of them in fact. Perhaps one could argue that land-based casinos also tend to offer their patrons a few different versions of the game. But how convenient is it to switch from one to another by means of clicking a single button? And should you want to play a number of different versions simultaneously, you cannot in a land-based casino and can online.

Where can I play Online Video Poker?

You don’t have to search too hard to find an online casino offering an abundance of Online Video Poker games. The game’s popularity among online gamers makes it a must for any online establishment. Locating the best online casinos for you to play Video Poker at however, can be a little frustrating; the endless variety of games, the different bonuses, the banking methods, the house edge, the pay-outs, the licenses, the fairness, the testing… There are so many factors to consider! But we make it easy and convenient for you.

How do I play Online Video Poker?

Whichever the Online Video Poker variation you choose to play, the rules and gameplay are more or less the same. Whether it’s Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, or any other version, you are first required to place your bet, click on ‘deal’ (or whichever button signals that you want your hand to be dealt to you) and receive five cards. You will then be required to choose which of the five cards to keep and which to discard. The cards you choose to replace are swapped, leaving you with your final hand, which you would then match to the pay-out table to see whether and how much you’ve won. We offer detailed insight into the Video Poker Rules and gameplay, with a dedicated article analysing the rules, hand rankings and more pertaining to different Video Poker variations: deuces wild, joker poker, tens or better and all American video poker.

Can you use strategy when playing Video Poker?

Online Video Poker is one of those casino games that can offer the player a very favorable edge when compared to other casino games such as slots, as long as a solid strategy is abided by. In fact, with the right strategy, coupled with the right bonus and comps, Video Poker players can actually beat the house edge! Should one not employ a good strategy however, playing Video Poker may prove costly. It is important for players to look for full-pay machines (or 9/6 machines in the case of Jacks or Better), which is information that casinos rarely give out freely. Check out our Video Poker Strategy page for in-depth information regarding when to hold on to a made hand, when to break it up, the common mistakes made, a complete list of which cards to hold, as well as the game’s history. This page would also take you to our dedicated page to Progressive Jackpots, where you will find further information focused on progressive Video Poker, including where to find the best games and how best to take advantage of progressive jackpots.

Video Poker Tips

How does playing Online Video Poker for real money without risking a cent sound to you? Fantastic right? Some online casinos allow you to take advantage of no-deposit bonuses which you may use to play for real money at no risk whatsoever. Check out our No Deposit Bonus page for everything you need to know about where to find the best no-deposit bonuses, the different types offered, the advantages involved and more.

The First Video Poker Machines

In the seventies, computer technology was going from strength to strength. The same technology that allowed engineers to combine a CPU with a monitor allowed them to build video poker machines. The first commercially used video poker machine was SIRCOMA's Draw Poker which was introduced in 1979. This game was the model for today's video poker and was simple a five card draw where the amount of your payout was proportionate to the strength of your final hand. SIRCOMA's game became hugely popular and the presence of video poker machines in casinos grew throughout the eighties. Some people became so addicted to the machines that they would play for hours without ever getting up to eat or go to the bathroom. Through the eighties and nineties, certain players developed techniques for beating video poker machines. Although the large majority of players lost, a few realized that if they could find the right pay tables and play using particular strategies, they would be able to beat the system. As a result of this, there are now fewer machines with favourable pay tables.